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Roof trusses provide the most econimical roof framing method today. Custom manufactured to your design for a perfect fit, trusses are easy to install resulting in reduced labor costs and substantial time savings.

Comprised of the finest grades of kiln-dried MSR lumber and Eagle Metal Products connector plates our roof trusses provide a totally custom engineered roof system, taking into account all necessary loads and building codes.

Benefits of Wood Roof Trusses

  • Built for strength and durability, trusses assure you of optimum structural integrity.
  • Trusses allow for greater architectural design and shapes including vaults, studio ceilings inside the home and high pitched or hipped roofs on the exterior.
  • Pre-engineered trusses are designed for strength. A pre-engineered framing system eliminates guesswork on the construction site.
  • Trusses can be used with a variety of on-center spacing to optimize strength and lumber resources.
  • Hip and valley systems are much easier to build using trusses than with conventional framing.
  • Proven performance - hundreds of millions of wood trusses have been installed throughout the country. In fact, wood trusses are used in more than 75% of all homes built in the U.S. and Canada today.