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Our trusses are delivered on roll-off trailers. They are scaled down to the smallest level possible yet are large enough to haul loads safely and efficiently. We deliver to areas that are within a 100 mile radius of Wellsboro, PA.

Even though we use the smallest delivery method possible there are still some basic things to consider when planning your job.

  • You need to be able to access the job site (preferably a driveway) with a truck and trailer that is approximately 45' to 50' long. That includes a wide enough spot at the road to get into the driveway and a spot to turn around. We cannot turn around in the same amount of space that a car or truck can.
  • If the truss is a over width truss remember that if you have anything along the sides of the driveway there has to be enough space between them to fit the truss through.
  • The delivery truck has to stay on dry solid ground. So it might not be possible to get the trusses right up to the job site if there is not a suitable driveway.
  • There needs to be a relatively flat spot to place the trusses. Remember they roll of the back of the trailer.