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Trusses may be installed manually, by crane, or by forklift, depending on the truss size, wall height and job conditions. Trusses installed manually are slid into position over the sidewall and rotated into place using poles. The longer the span, the more workers needed to avoid excessive lateral strain on the trusses. Trusses should be supported at joints and peak while being raised.

Large trusses should be installed by a crane or forklift employing chokers, slings, spreader bars and strongbacks to prevent lateral bending. Trusses may be lifted individually, in banded groups, or preassembled in groups.

Tag lines should always be used to control movement of trusses during lifting and placement.

Refer to the Building Component Safety Information BCSI 1-03 Booklet and/or the BCSI-B1 Summary Sheet, both by the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) and the Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA), for proper methods of unloading, storing, lifting, erecting, installing and bracing trusses.

Installation proceduers are the responsibility of the installer. Job conditions and procedures vary considerably. These are only guidelines and may not be proper under all conditions.

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