Bearing Conditions

  Bottom 725x90

Bottom Chord Bearing - Truss sits on a wall, or in a floor truss hanger

 Top 725x90

Top Chord Bearing - Truss hange from the bearing.

Mid Chord 725x90

Mid-Chord Bearing - The bearing is raised between the top and bottom chords.

Multi 725x100

Multiple Bearing - Truss has more than two bearings.

  Mixed 725x100

Mixed Bearing - Trusses can have different bearing types on each end.

  Cantilever 725x90

Cantilever Bearing - Trusses can have a cantilever on one or both ends.

Beam Pocket 725x90

Beam Pocket Bearing - Truss contains a pocket for a beam. (the section in RED is cut out in the field)