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What to Expect.

Your quoataion will include all pertinent information on your project such as spans, pitches, overhangs, spacings and loadings. Included in the pricing of your project is a full set of stamped truss drawings, a layout detailing the location of each truss (if required), bracing information and delivery to your project location.

Some municipalties or building inspectors require stamped engineered drawings prior to the granting of a building permit. In the case where stamped drawings is required prior to the order of the trusses, there may be a fee charged which would be fully credited to the truss order when placed.

The online quotation forms can be filled out for the basic projects. For a more complicated project, detailed plans will be required. These can be uploaded, e-mailed, dropped off or mailed to our office.This ensuers that we are able to provide you with the most accurate information and pricing possible.


 (We deliver to areas within 125 miles of Wellsboro, PA)

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